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Why Sell on FlipApp?

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Receive timely payments

FlipApp ensures your payments are deposited in your PayPal or Bank Account account in specific time.

Create Your Own Promocode

At FlipApp you can create your own Promocode for your products and this is how you can engage more customers.

Premium Support

Our awesome support team will help you by Live Chat anytime when you face some problem or have some query

Free Store For Lifetime

Yes, we will not charge anything for setup and no yearly charge. Only we charge 10% of Payment Gateway charge and Server charge when you sell a Product

Basic Rules

  1. After you register you have to wait for Approval. Try Attach a work of you (like App Projects or Extensions that is completely yours), which will decrease your Approval waiting time
  2.  After approval you can sell your Products, to do so first Submit your Products and attach your File (i.e. App Project or Extension file) after click on Downloadable option. Publish your own and genuine app, we check all projects you publish. We review all submitted Apps and Extensions one by one to ensure you submitted genuine content
    Dont’ worry about your Products, we will never do anything with your Products
  3. After your Product got reviewed and Approved from our Admin Team, it will automatically published to FlipApp, the whole process can take upto 24 hours, if your Product got rejected, you will get a Mail from us with proper reason.
    Don’t worry if your Product is rejected, we will send the reason of Rejection and you can resolve that issue and reupload the new Product and can submit for Preview
  4. When a Seller create a Promocode for an item or for all of his/her items that can be applied only to his/her selected items.
  5. To Contact Support team for any query you can do so, just log in to your Seller account and click on Customer Support to chat with us anytime
  6. We don’t accept any Refund cause we believe to our Sellers, however after purchasing an item the Amount will be credited after 3 days, that means we hold your successful payments for 3 days, this holding process is for a little time, we are trying our best to credit the amount after deducting our Charges (i.e. 10%) immediately
  7. To request for Withdrawal, you have to wait until you reach atleast INR 1000. After you reached, you can request for Withdrawal
    For Paypal Withdrawal, just enter PayPal email id and if you choose Bank Transfer then just Fill out required filled for Indian Payments like Account Number, Account Holder Name, IFSC Code etc. leave other fields empty
  8. As we already said in Terms and Conditions that you can not sell or resell others Products, you can only sell your own product

By clicking on Start Selling, you are accepting our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and all other Rules